The Big Yellow Man and Van London.

Same van rentals companies suffer from a terrible reputation and in some cases its justified : a tatty, rusty van and driver who doesn’t even get out of his seats to help you out load and unload.., not an ideal situation and definitely not what you want to face while  moving your home.
But for some the lure of a removal for £25 is too much of a bargain to pass by. We urge you to consider the follow when weighing up the alternatives:
1 – Will they turn up ?
Here at the Big Yellow Van Company Ltd.,we have had many calls from a panicked clients who was supposed to be moved by a local man and van service. Client have complained about other companies telling us about situations when they had been left if in the lurch. We have even had calls from clients whose possessions have been turfed out of the van and into the street mid way through a move as the driver was using the van illegally!

-We have a fleet of vehicles and a 24/7 Call Centre.
-We always turn up!
 ( Under all circumstances : weather condition, traffic accidents, breakdowns) thanks to the larger fleet we can re-route another van and even if it means we are a bit late we will never let you down!
2 – We are Insured.
If a hire company is helping you to move your items and the worst scenario occur: driver drops your expensive plasma TV ? ! Comparing to this situation an amount you are paying for an insurance is absolutely insignificant! Has the company provided you  with their terms and conditions? Is the Company insured and follow the insurance policy thoroughly so you can make a claim or does everything stops at the point when a driver get in his van and drive away?
WHY ARE WE DIFFERENT – your goods are fully insured up to £20,000. We will e-mail you with our terms and conditions so you can see exactly what is covered. If you need additional cover we can arrange that for you. Once again, you can call our Call Centre at any time and discuss your claim.
3 – Is the van reliable?
Consider the harsh economic conditions nowadays! If a hire van operator can patch his van up (be it an engine or the leaking roof) he is going to do it! Sometimes not only the reliability and road worthiness of the van  are brought into questions but also how safe your worldly possessions are on the board! If the van breaks down before it is due to arrive your moving will be in delay that day and if it breaks down while its with you then you are even more stuck!

WHAT WE DO DIFFERENTLY – We have a fleet of vehicles which are regularly serviced by a top London`s garage at great expense to us! If we do have a problem with your van we can get a replacement vehicle at short notice form our fleet or hire one in. We will not leave you in the lurch at this stressful time.
4 – Is the driver reliable and is he going to help you to move your possession?
Vast majority of the cheap rental van services do not actually help you move your items , and there you are... struggling with your wardrobe whilst your hired help is sitting in the cab smoking a cigarette (it is illegal to smoke in the cab as it is work place!) Furthermore, if you are letting someone into your home are you happy to let them in and are they trustworthy? How traceable is that person if something goes missing, gets damaged or leaves great dirty footprints all over your new white carpet?
WHAT WE DO DIFFERENTLY – all our men are dressed-uniformed and employed by us. If there are any problems you can call our Contact Centre  and we can address them immediately! Any damage , as previously mentioned, is insured.
Effectively our men are employed to do as you need (within reason!) so if you need you bed dismantling and taking down from the third storey and then rebuilding and taking up to the fourth storey, or if you need 300 boxes taking in the goods lift 1 mile down the corridor WE WILL DO IT FOR YOU! We can provide you with as many people you require in order to get the job done.
Therefore, you have the choice between the economy of a one man with you helping to the convenience of three people helping you out.
5- What is the real price?
If you have been told that a real price is £25 per hour do not forget to add in the extras! You are thinking what would be a minimum charge: is it 1 hour or 2 and do you get charged an extra hour if you go over by only five minutes? You wonder if VAT is included, are there any fuel charge, are there any mileage charge, is there a charge to come from the depot, is there a charge to go up the stairs and so on.,
WHY ARE WE DIFFERENT–:you pay only for the time you need and that is all! The rates are discussed up front, we do half day and full day rates and can even give you a fixed price for long distance jobs. there is a minimum charge of just two hours.
6- What is the the company`s phone number/ pay attention!?
If your removal service only give a mobile number as a point of contact be careful  – if you cannot get hold of that one person then you are on your own!
WHAT WE DO DIFFERENTLY– a 24/7 CALL CENTRE with trained operatives to help you at the time of booking, before, during and after your move. All our drivers are provided with company Blackberries to which the full job details are emailed. They have all the information that you provided at the time of the booking. Furthermore our vans are fitted with trackers so we can locate our vans and drivers at any time.
Make sure you do not put your worldly and treasured possessions into jeopardy driven by someone who advertised his business through his private mobile number.
Take a bit of time research and get some basic questions about your van removal service.               
We are looking forward to be working with you in the future!
The Big Yellow Van Team